Individual Order
Custom made tailored patio furniture covers, bike and BBQ, swings and benches covers. Each custom cover is made for you in our Bradford factory. Protect and preserve your furniture with our bespoke indoor and outdoor custom covers, carefully tailored to prevent accidental damage and general wear and tear.
patio furniture covers, bike covers, BBQ covers, swings covers, benches covers
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Individual Order

Our experts have considerable experience in this field of work and therefore, they can manufacture to the highest standards and with maximum accuracy and implement correct stitchery. We work for a considerable amount of time, we have our high-tech equipment and, of course, we can make the production quickly, efficiently and without any errors

To make an order for a protective cover for your equipment, you will need to decide what you will use it for. As this will affect the following: Size, Shape, Fastening Method, Type of material and Sewing Techniques

Delivery: You pay for the delivery in one direction, and we will deliver finished cover free of charge.

Replacing the old cover or roof gazebo: If you have an old sample cover or gazebo roof and you would like to upgrade it,  then fill in the form below and our highly skilled team will produce a new one for you using the best selected materials and highest standards.

Don’t hesitate to tell us if there is something you want to add or change and we will be happy to include it in the production.

How to order

To carry out your order, we will need a form filled out, where you will enter all your data and additional comments with photos which will help us in production.


The information we need of you is:

    Fabric Oxford fabricPVC fabric

    About you:

    Why chose Matchless Covers?

    Quality Control

    The goal of our company is not limited to a simple sales procedure. We provide our customers with the high-quality, long-lasting and most importantly durable product -matchless cover. With our dedicated team of Quality Control inspectors, we can keep up with the stringent quality policies through different phases and make sure that all our covers are supplied and executed in full conformance with high standards


    We guarantee our customers that your outdoor furniture, BBQ and anything else which will be covered with our matchless cover, will be fully protected from moisture, dust, sunlight, wind, and mould


    Our covers are made by highly skilled manufacturers who have a sewing experience of over 20 years


    We are multilingual – this helps us to understand our customer’s needs even better and provide the best possible service


    We use only high-quality material: “Oxford PU 600D / PVC 600D” which we test for strength, temperature durability from -50 degrees and up to +110 degrees and assure it is 100% waterproof


    Matchless covers guarantee customers 100% satisfaction. We will provide you with professional customer service both before and after your purchase. We will proceed with your order to the highest standards and provide express delivery. The areas we cover are England, Scotland and Northern Ireland